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Posts made in May 2017

How Often Should You Get a Skin Cancer Screening?

woman looking up at sun with sunglasses onWhether you’re out in the sun 24/7 or only venture outside when it’s absolutely necessary, it’s important to have yourself regularly screened for skin cancer. The earlier this type of cancer is caught, the easier it can be to treat and get rid of. Even if you don’t think you’re at risk, it wouldn’t hurt to get checked every now and then. Since everyone’s medical history and lifestyle is so different, it’s important to understand how often you should get checked.

Where you live or how often you go outside doesn’t matter much in some cases. If you’re concerned about a new mole or spot on your skin, go get it checked as soon as you’re able. If your immediate relatives have had melanoma or you have a history of various pre-cancers, you should get screened at least once a year to keep on top of what’s happening with your body. The most common places for skin cancer to develop is the nose, temples, and ears, but it’s important to keep track of all abnormal skin issues that pop up over your lifetime.

Non-cancerous moles usually form a perfect circle on the skin and it’s common for moles and spots to appear on your skin as you age. However, if a mole or spot is bumpy, unnaturally raised, and looks more like an uneven blob than a perfect circle, that may be a sign of skin cancer and you should get it looked at right away.

At Colorado Skin Care, we perform skin cancer screenings as well as a variety of other medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments. Contact one of our Colorado dermatology specialists today by calling (303) 740-4883.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting

At Colorado Skin Care, we have a variety of specialists skilled in advanced dermatology in Colorado. One of the cosmetic procedures we perform is CoolSculpting, which is the process of freezing away excess fat that sticks around after diet and exercise. This non-invasive technology will permanently remove fat, allowing you to feel and look your best from every angle. Below are just some of the benefits CoolSculpting can provide.

  • It’s non-invasive: Procedures such as liposuction and gastric bypass surgery are extremely invasive, requiring you to go under the knife and experience hefty recovery times. CoolSculpting on the other hand is completely non-invasive, meaning you can schedule an appointment on your lunch break and be good to go back to work immediately after!
  • It’s a confidence booster: Finally freezing away that last stubborn bit of fat from your body can drastically improve your confidence. CoolSculpting will make you both look and feel better in your clothing, allowing you to feel and dress like your truest self.
  • Safe and long-lasting: One of the most important benefits of this procedure is that it is completely safe and FDA-approved. The process involves controlled cooling that targets only the fat cells in your body and nothing more. Not only that, but the process is a permanent solution to removing excess fat in hard to target places.

If you’re interested in experiencing CoolSculpting for yourself, contact Colorado Skin Care today at (303) 740-4883 to schedule an appointment.

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