Don't Let Your Wrinkles Keep You From Smiling: Juvederm Can Help

Creams and serums are a popular way to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, but they’re very limited in their action. Regardless of their price tag, the creams sold in stores aren’t clinically proven to rejuvenate your skin, because any cream that can change your skin in any way is considered to be a drug, so you can only get it via prescription.

So what steps can you take to fight aging signs? The answer doesn’t involve buying another cream. 

At Colorado Skin Care, our experts use Juvéderm®, an FDA-approved injectable that can give you a youthful look within days. Stick with us to find us how Juvéderm works. 

Juvéderm 101 

Your skin loses its elasticity due to the degradation of collagen and other proteins. However, the contours of your face suffer too. 

As you age, you also lose some of the fat tissues that keep your skin looking plump and fresh. When your fat tissue diminishes, your cheeks lose volume, your lips get thinner, and you develop lines around your nose.

But don’t despair, because Juvéderm can solve all of these issues all once. The main ingredient in this filler is hyaluronic acid, a substance that your body naturally produces to keep your skin hydrated and plump.

When Juvéderm is injected, it can fill in the areas that now have less volume and significantly reduce the sagging in your cheeks and around your nose. This injectable can also help fill in wrinkles and fine lines, and it can even plump up lips that have gotten thinner over time. 

What to expect during your first Juvéderm appointment

Juvederm is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require an anesthetic. However, if you fear injections, our experts at Colorado Skin Care can offer numbing creams.

Once you’re settled comfortably in our office, one of our experts injects the Juvéderm solution into one of the marked areas. 

The treatment is done on an outpatient basis, but you may see some swelling in the injection sites. This is a normal reaction, and the swelling goes away on its own.

The results are immediate, and the filler can last anywhere between 1-2 years after the treatment.

Eliminate wrinkles and regain your confidence 

It’s not just empty words: Research suggests that cosmetic procedures can boost one’s confidence.

So if you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance, contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Englewood, Colorado.

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