Lip Fillers Dos and Don'ts

Lip Fillers Dos and Don'ts

What Should You Do Before And After Lip Filler Treatment?

Are you about to get lip filler for the first time? Even though it's a small nonsurgical procedure it can be intimidating, so here we are with some lip filler dos and don’ts  along with what to expect before and after receiving the treatment.

What are lip fillers? Lip fillers, also called dermal fillers, are injections that give the lips a more aesthetic and full appearance. It’s also one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, along with Botox and face lifts. Here are some tips on how to prepare for fillers in order to avoid bruising and swelling.

Before lip filler treatment

To ensure that the lip filler procedure is successful, be sure to follow these tips:

After lip filler treatment

After the lip treatment, you can experience minor discomfort. Here are some things you can do, to help manage the discomfort and swelling.

Lip fillers are temporary

Usually the fillers last for between 6 and 12 months, sometimes even 18 months but it all depends on your metabolism. When the lip filler dissolves, the lips return to their original shape and appearance.

If you’re looking for a nice natural boost of your lips, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our clinic will help you preserve your beauty for longer.  


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