What you need to know about IPL photo-facials?

What you need to know about IPL photo-facials?

The IPL (Intense pulsed light) treatment or photo-facial is an efficient way to improve the texture and color of your skin. IPL treatment stimulates healing and cell regeneration without surgery.

The photo-aging caused by sun can be noticed mostly on the sensitive skin areas such as: face, neck hands and also chest.

The benefits of IPL laser treatment are plentiful for a variety of skin issues including not only the sun damage but also: acnee, hyper-pigmentation, brown spots, enlarged pores, vascular lesions, rosacea and more.

How IPL treatment works?

The intense wavelengths of light are projected deep into the skin, causing microscopic lesions, that stimulate the skin to regenerate naturally.

These wavelengths of light can treat a range of skin conditions at the same time, by promoting an increase in collagen production.

Depending on each patient’s skin condition and treatment area, IPL treatments are completed 60 minutes- more or less.

How painful is IPL treatment and are there any side effects?

Even if even if it is not a painful procedure, there may de discomfort, depending on your body type. A pinching sensation may occur.

The side effects are minor and include:

Right after the procedure, the skin can look pink, red or swollen. After 24 hours these effects will disappear.

After IPL treatment tips:

The  results are visible right after the first session.

At Colorado Skin Care, we also provide skincare consulting so you can maintain your results for a more extended period.

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