Why You Should Not Ignore Your Neck

Why you should not ignore your neck

The appearance of your neck skin can really betray your age. Most of the time when attending our face skin routine we tend to ignore our neck, but this part of our body is the most common area that is in need of wrinkle treatments.

The skin on your neck is in most of cases much thinner and sensitive/delicate than the skin on your face, (quite similar with the skin of your eyelids) meaning it is predisposed to signs of aging and sun damage. In absence of collagen, the skin is more likely to develop premature wrinkles.

What are the most common causes of wrinkles on the neck?

Aging is a normal part of our lives, neck lines and wrinkles being a thing that comes with it.

Along with aging, the most dangerous factor is being exposed to UV light most of the time and not using sunscreen. Smoking is another cause of premature aging, because tobacco damages collagen causing a lot more wrinkles than a person who does not smoke.

Outside of your control may be factors such as metabolic processes, hormones and needless to say: genes.

Another reason can be the movement of your skin in certain positions, repetitive action such as looking down to your phone too often. These actions can be the foundation of noticeable wrinkles over time.

How can I take care of my neck?

Here are some methods that can help avoid or reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the neck:

What non-surgical treatments are helping with neck lines?

One popular treatment choice for neck lines, that produces instant results and last several months to a year is Dermal Fillers. Fillers are used to reduce neck lines, by adding volume. The result will be obvious immediately. A study from 2019 shows the effectiveness of dermal fillers for neck wrinkles

Ultherapy: one of the most popular procedure it helps with producing new collagen growth, by utilising micro focused ultrasound and generating a thermal effect.

Botox injections: The effect of a botulinum toxin neck lift lasts for several months and is therefore an excellent way to maintain and delay the need for surgery.

So if you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance, contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Englewood, Colorado.

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