Dermal Fillers

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Dermal Fillers

If your skin appears thinner, hollower, or more creased than it once did, dermal fillers can help restore its youthful volume. Board-certified dermatologist Kimberly Stone, MD, Amy Huber, PA-C, and the team at Colorado Skin Care in Englewood, Colorado, offer many fillers and collagen stimulators to refresh your appearance. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable substances that restore the skin’s volume and structure. 

As you age, collagen and elastin — structural, hydrating proteins — deplete in your skin. This gradual decline causes your skin to lose the scaffolding that once made it firm and supple. Once this production slows, your skin thins, wrinkles, and sags.

Juvéderm® and Restylane® fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a gel-like material your body already produces, to replace lost volume and support your dermal structures.

Are dermal fillers the same as Botox®?

While dermal fillers and Botox both treat wrinkles, they address different types. Fillers replenish volume, making them ideal for nasolabial folds (around the mouth and nose), marionette lines (around the mouth), and facial contouring. Dermal fillers can also plump up thin lips.

Botox targets dynamic wrinkles, which develop from repeated expressions like frowning, squinting, and smiling. These lines tend to appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. While fillers add volume to the skin, Botox softens wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles beneath them.

How do I prepare for dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers typically require little to no preparation, but taking a few extra steps can help ensure a positive experience:

  • Inform your provider of allergies, medications, and supplements
  • Temporarily avoid blood-thinning medications 
  • Limit alcohol intake 
  • Stay well-hydrated to promote skin elasticity

Follow any specific pre-procedure instructions provided by the Colorado Skin Care team.

What can I expect from a dermal filler visit?

After discussing your concerns and examining your skin, your provider can recommend the appropriate filler and injection sites. They may apply a topical numbing agent to enhance your comfort. Finally, they inject the filler.

A dermal filler appointment typically takes 30 minutes or less. The injections only take a few minutes. 

How long is the recovery process after dermal fillers?

Fillers typically require no downtime, and you can resume your regular activities immediately. Unlike Botox, which can take several days to take effect, dermal fillers provide instant results. Your injection sites may be slightly red, bruised, or swollen, but these effects subside within hours.

Expect your dermal filler results to last 6-12 months. Collagen stimulator fillers, like Sculptra®, can last up to two years or longer.

Call Colorado Skin Care today or schedule an appointment online to book your dermal filler visit.