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Testimonials on our Denver Dermatology Clinic

“Dr. Stone and Amy Huber are extremely knowledgeable, patients, and attentive, and therefore I trust them entirely with all my dermatology concerns. The friendly staff, the impeccable office setting, and five-star practitioners make Colorado Skin Care the only practice I’ll trust for myself and recommend to my friends."

~ Renee R.

“The most friendly office I have been to! I saw Amy Huber for adult acne, and it was so refreshing that she not only told me what I needed to do to resolve the acne, but she fully explained what acne I had, why I might be having it, and why the products are prescriptions I would be starting will fix the issue. It was so nice to have a conversation about the topics I was concerned about rather than being handed a prescription sheet and leaving without a clue. The staff was so friendly and comforting; I was treated like someone that has been coming here for years! I have since gone back for follow up’s and am treated like a part of the family. If I call, they know who I am and help with all my worries. It’s refreshing to find an office that is not only knowledgeable but sincerely cares.”

~ Jennifer F.

reception with customer

“I have been a patient of Amy Huber’s since I moved to Colorado 3 years ago. On a recent appointment, I mentioned some problems I was experiencing regarding my pharmacy only providing me with generic prescriptions. I felt they did not work as well as the name brands and was concerned. Amy and her staff took the time to educate me on my rights as a consumer regarding prescription medication. It was an eye-opening experience. They really care about people and their patients and seemed even more upset than I was, which was very refreshing. You don’t feel like a number when you come in, I feel confident in the services they provide, and I know they care about me. I have referred friends and co-workers and will continue to do so. I can’t say enough about their customer service and professionalism. I highly recommend their practice!”

~ Aimee K.

“Dr. Stone and her staff are always smiling and friendly. Dr. Stone is terrific and knowledgeable, and I give her a very high recommendation as a dermatologist.”

~ Manny R.

“I almost can’t believe my results with CoolSculpting; it was like magic! I’ve always carried a bit of weight on my outer thighs, and since having a baby, it has definitely been a struggle to lose the weight in that area. I came in for CoolSculpting, and Dr. Stone was patient and understanding, and the staff made sure I was as comfortable as possible, explaining every step beforehand. Within 3-4 weeks, I started to notice my pants fitting differently. I could visibly see the change in my legs! The staff explained that CoolSculpting reduces 25% of fat cells in that area and often another treatment is advised. I will definitely be going back for a second treatment since the first one worked so well!”

~ Katie S.

To find out more about the success we have seen with patients over the years, call us today to schedule an appointment at our Denver dermatology clinic. We are proud to serve Englewood and the surrounding Greater Denver area.

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